Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tahoe Rocks

While driving around Lake Tahoe in a 1997 visit to the area I was fortunate enough to come up upon these huge rocks piercing through the ground along the roadside, a perfect abstract shot, I quickly pulled over and whipped out my trusty 35mm camera and started photographing these naturally unique shapes, the sky was a perfect blue for contrast and the background trees added to the overall composition and extra color needed to fill the frame.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautifulest places I ever seen and experienced, though it was a rather quick trip to that part of the country it was also a most memorable one I hope one day I can get back out there and see more of this fantastic landscape.

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Jasmine said...

That is indeed a beautiful picture.
I missed your posts when I was without my Internet!!

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Jasmine and I missed your wonderful comments. :)
Welcome back online.

Firecrackinmama said...

Really nice image. Also liked the dog fight.

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you FCM, I always look for natural abstracts when I have a camera handy it's really great when you turn a corner in an unknown place and there's one right in front of you.
The Dogfight image though a 3D digital art piece is my favorite one to date.