Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Living in Orlando Florida years back I had the opportunity to watch as the downtown skyline rapidly grew with new towering structures that seemed to appear almost weekly during the 1980's and 90's, one most memorable building named at the time was the First FA building shown here as distorted, it is now owned by The Bank of America Corporation.
Built in 1998 by Mellon-Stuart Construction Managers it stands at 409 feet high with 28 stories, it was built at a pace of one story a week during its construction phase which was amazingly fast and when completed was one of Orlando's tallest structures.

This image was photographed in 1989 with 35mm Kodak High Speed B/W Infrared Film, the office building across the street with its modern dark panes and shapely trees made the perfect canvas that distorted the First FA building making it a unique abstract and as you look closely there's a woman wearing a dress walking past under the overhang of the office building between the trees which brings the minds delusive view back to reality.


dh4j said...

What a cool picture of this pretty building. Yes, I lived in the central Florida area for 26 years and saw it change like crazy...this building stands out in Orlando with it's pretty blue roof...right?

Richard Rizzo said...

Thanks dh4j, indeed that's the one !
It too amazed me how fast the city boomed during those years.