Sunday, December 21, 2008

City of Destiny (A Fractal Creation)

Not knowing what fractals were up until only about six months ago led me into a state of curiosity so after googling it I was quite amazed on how many different types of fractal software programs there were that produce some beautiful art.
Some of the most popular programs such as Chaoscope, Fractal Explorer, Fractal Forge, Ultra Fractal and Xeno Dreams to name a few produce some really excellent 2D and 3D designs both for free others with a price tag, they also come in both standalone and plugins for other programs but I was wanting something a bit more different as far as a certain look goes which I happen to find over at DeviantArt forums called Apophysis which is a 3D fractal creator, it's a bit more techie but the results are phenomenal.

This image was a combination of Apophysis for the basic structure, Vue6 (now Vue7) for some added lighting (street lamps and such) and Photoshop to tweak the contrast, crop and add the blur to show movement within the city. I was pleasantly pleased with the results of Apophysis considering it was my first try at this program, their website has the download and tutorial links as well as other artist who have used it and set up galleries of their work. At the moment it's in beta but somewhere down the road there will be a charge for this excellent program.

If your wanting to experiment with fractals my suggestion would be try the freebies first and see if its your thing, who knows you may like it and have your own gallery one day specifically on this unusually beautiful art.


Jasmine said...

I've never even heard of fractals.
You learn something new everyday.

Richard Rizzo said...

thanks for commenting Jasmine, it's rather fascinating to learn and the results most satisfying with lots of various types of fractal software to be experimented with.

Its very creative outlet in my opinion.

Shell said...

I didn't know what fractals were until I came to Zazzle either! There are some pretty amazing creations for sure!
P.S. Thanks for your comment on the snow, it is cold... but a nice white christmas!

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Shell for commenting, That's one thing I do miss about snow.. the white Christmas's.
The other thing would be capturing images in it.