Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Abandoned Air Station

An invitation by a friend in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont back in 1997 was an opportunity for me to photograph some interesting places in the area one being the old abandoned Lyndonville Air Force Station with its unique history.

Construction of the facility on East Mountain in Essex County Vermont began in 1952 and became operational in 1955 during the Cold War Era, it was originally named the North Concord Air Force Station (NCAFS) and one of many ground based radar facilities in the US at the time. In 1961 NCAFS reported a UFO sighting a few hours before the alleged Abduction of Barney and Betty Hill later becoming a TV movie of the incident that was produced in 1975 starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons, the sighting that lasted less then twenty minutes soon became famous. The NCAFS in 1962 changed its name to the Lyndonville Air Force Station then in 1963 while in the process of upgrading their systems it became deactivated by the military and stripped of its equipment.
Neglect of the abandoned buildings became noticeable over the years due to weather and vandalism.

The last I heard, this facility and its land was being sold for the development of a wind farm to harness power for the surrounding towns.


Jasmine said...

Beautiful photograph.
You do such nice work, always.
Very interesting story behind it as well.

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Jasmine for your kind comment.
sometimes it's years later after taking the photograph that I learn of the subjects history, for example the TV movie that was made in 1975 I remember watching it as a teenager but did not know the connection between the story of the movie and this abandoned air station until just a few years ago.

dh4j said...

Great idea to build a wind farm there! I enjoyed your story and interesting photo.

Richard Rizzo said...

thank you dh4j for your comment and for joining my followers list.

I like the idea of a wind farm too I haven't read to much on it lately but I'll look into it and see if they started constructing them, it should make an interesting followup article. :)