Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunlit Valley

After using Photoshop CS for my photography for so long I thought I'd look into experimenting with it's brushes and taking it into another direction of art at least for me anyways, as I mentioned in the last post "matte painting" has always intrigued me, in my earlier days of painting (with real paint) I worked for a few commercial photography studios in North Carolina where my background painting was born and later paved the road for me into starting a mural and faux finishing business years later.

This painting "Sunlit Valley" started as an experiment and took on a life of its own since I had no idea of a picture in mind nor how to work with Photoshop to do this so after reading a few articles on it and checking out the help section in the software I thought I would give it a go. My only other tool was my Wacom Tablet which i bought awhile back but rarely used it so this was a perfect chance for me to learn both tools at one time and I must say this session was rather relaxing and enjoyable once I learned the basics of course, even as I write this ideas are streaming into me on future paintings so I guess I have more reading to do.

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