Wednesday, November 19, 2008

River Rock

At the time of this photo I was in Montana wandering around a river bed near Kalispel surrounded by stunning mountains and beautiful skies, there steering down at this impressive section of rocks I found this interesting image, a yellow rock taking its place among its peers of assorted pale colored ones that the light from the sun enhanced so well.
Most people would look at an image of a pile of rocks and turn the page just as quick as a blink of an eye but there are deeper meanings here if one takes a moment with an open mind, what i see is life and society whereas one who is different can standout from his peers in many ways not so much by color but by other characteristics and personalities or perhaps a beacon of hope in a lost world, or creative individual in a non creative environment, and the list goes on, what do you see?

Deeper meanings and interpretation can be found in words or through visual images It's not only in how one reads it but being able to look through its shell and into it's core which to me is one of the keys to an open mind unfortunately sometimes fear keeps that from happening.

Poetry for me is through my visual imaging more so then words and can be interpreted in many different ways after all a closed minded person could be considered just another rock in the stream.


Shell said...

Hi, I was stareing at your photograph of the rocks and I the thought that came to me was that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, we just have to look and get passed being critical! The simple can be beautiful too!

Richard Rizzo said...

thanks Shell for commenting, I agree that's a great point and so true.

Jasmine said...

I took a photo that is sort of similar. I turned it into a mouse pad and some other things on my Zazzle page (here's a link:
I was up north in Michigan with my boyfriend at his family's cabin and I was walking around outside and noticed that a maple tree seed made it's way through all the rocks in the pile against the house and I thought that it was pretty cool that it started to grow. I think the quote I have on the mouse pad goes right along with what you are saying and what the picture represents.

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Jasmine for commenting and by the way your mousepad is excellent i just commented on it.

It's amazing how most people would walk right past that without noticing while only a handful would stop and admire its beauty.

Jasmine said...

Thank you for the comment, and I agree. :)
I'm glad I'm not the only one who ever does!