Friday, November 14, 2008

Desert Morning

I'm finding that producing computer generated images are as much fun and creative as photography and the same design principals apply as does with any art form.
Desert Morning was produced with Vue6 Infinite 3D environmental software (Vue7 has recently been released) and some minor tweaking with Photoshop but the ability to control the software's camera and lighting makes this a priceless tool for any artist especially one who may have an interest in matte painting or the environmental arts. I guess being fascinated with movie making my whole life led me into the direction of both photography and now the environmental arts.


Firecrackinmama said...

That is beautiful. Do you use your images or is that all computer generated?

Richard Rizzo said...

Thanks for commenting FM, there's no photography in these it's all built by scratch in the software.. forming terrains, texturing, adding the environmental's (trees,plants,skies water etc), lighting and camera positioning plus a lot of tweaking followed usually by long rendering times. 3D models can be added into the scene too.