Wednesday, October 8, 2008


One of my strangest habits when I was younger was exploring old abandoned buildings, I couldn't resist the temptation to grab my old trusty Pentax SLR that usually shared my passenger seat in those days and make my way through what seemed to be a time port that took you from present to past by just walking through a doorway. An over extended imagination? Perhaps.

This particular building was fascinating it was huge in size and at one time serviced all the Southern Railroad steam locomotives in the southeast, this hook which was well over six foot high from the top of the pulley to the bottom of the hook itself weighed at least a few tons and traveled on an overhead track system from one side of the building to the other lifting locomotive bodies off there chassis while workers replaced or rebuilt parts on these old iron horses.
This image was taken in or around 1979 when the buildings and land were being transferred from Southern Railroad to The State of North Carolina who then converted this part of history to what is known today as The North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer which is situated between Greensboro and Charlotte along the I-85 corridor.

Further info of this great place can be found here..

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