Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello and Welcome

WooHoo, my first posting of my first blog, how exciting is that? Perhaps some wine and cheese would be appropriate for this occasion or maybe a cold Bud Light and some pretzels.

My main thought on this blog is mostly for posting my images and thoughts attached to them but also sharing other artists links as I come to know them in the blogesphere. Most of my images that I post will have a link to the site by clicking on its title, from there they can either be examined at a larger size and/or purchased, if you prefer you can even go to the sidebar and click on the links there as well.

Not to worry most of my posts will be short and to the point unless of course a big project is at hand and a more lengthier description is needed.

I will be posting every few days but some weeks will be fewer due to my schedule, nevertheless thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog as well as my images and if you see something that captures your eye feel free to add a comment, at the moment RedBubble has most of my collection followed by Zazzle then Imagekind.

This blog will be evolving and constantly changing much like my own self so feel free to stop by and visit again soon.


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