Monday, September 22, 2008

For the love of trains

Yes now you know and will probably see more posts about it in the future "I Love Trains" always have and always will, mostly older locomotives both steam and diesel. My love of these old Iron Horses began at an early age when my parents use to bring me down to the local station to watch them breeze through or stop and pick up passengers, back then the most popular running diesels were the F7 and F8's they dominated the rails during those days and when I see one at a museum or running excursions I have to stop and admire it.
I'm hoping to add some F7's to my list of images but at the moment only have a few shots of them mostly within a roundhouse.

The image above "The #1702" is an old 2-8-0 Consolidation that was built by Baldwin in the 1920's I have many images of this one at different areas of the western Carolinas it is owned by the Great Smoky Mountain Railway and has been under restoration for quite a few years now with no finishing date scheduled.

The Great Smoky Mountain Railway is a great journey through the North Carolina Smoky Mountains in western North Carolina and I would recommend it to anyone, train lover or not.

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